No, Don’t Forgive and Forget

Forgiveness is a great principle. Relationships can’t survive without forgiveness. But there’s a time and a place

Wrought iron fence in a small triangle, English Ivy and other ground cover. Nothing inside the fence.

Your boundaries don’t have to be tall, or solid, they just need to be expressed in ways others can recognize, and strong enough to withstand intrusion.

for everything and forgiving and forgetting have their places. It’s not where you think they may belong.

Have you heard the same promises over and over again and yet nothing changes? Do you feel like you’re repeatedly forgiving for the same transgressions? Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Trust Yourself

You are your own greatest gift.

When you speak kindly to yourself, listen to yourself, acknowledge your own needs and take care of them,


muddy creek, tree-lined, white man in shorts, shirtless

You trust in what appears to be trustworthy, until you have to let go and plunge straight into the cold unknown.


and when you trust yourself, you are accepting the gift of yourself.

Doing these things can be hard in times of personal struggle, especially when someone important to you is causing you to doubt yourself. This happens especially in divorce.

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But Is It True?

There are many parts to the idea of being true to yourself. One of them is about setting and keeping boundaries.

two white flowers, slightly out of focus, with deep pink centers, in focus.

Some things capture your eye and become all that you can see for the moment. Some ideas capture your mind and become all that you can think for the moment.

Another is about doing your best to tell the truth, as you understand it. A third part is how you interpret what others tell you or what they do. It is this last part that I want to address today.

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