Dare to Dream Your Biggest Dreams

Have you ever thought about how much courage it took to dream to be the first man on the moon?

full moon, surrounded by clouds illuminated by reflected moonlight.

Dare to dream your biggest dreams, to reach for your own moon landing. Tap your inner courage and keep trying, despite the setbacks. To pursue your dream is to pursue your true calling.

The Virgin Galactic and Orbital Sciences unmanned rocket mishaps earlier this month are certainly not the first space flights to have failed. You may remember the Space Shuttle Challenger and Columbia explosions that killed all aboard. The first Apollo mission, Apollo 1, burned up on the launch pad, killing three astronauts. Earlier Gemini and Mercury missions had their share of failures of both manned and unmanned flights. Continue reading

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The One Thing You Can’t Do With a Cheap Person

Do you have a cheap person in your life?

Dead deciduous tree near roadway, blue sky, clouds, many live pines nearby

The words of a cheap person are more painful than you realize. They torture you and leave you scarred. Eventually, those cuts will kill your spirit.

I do not mean someone who does not like to spend money, I am talking about a person who is cheap with emotions. A cheap person is one who is not honest with his words.

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The Election is Over, Can We Return to Respectful and Truthful Discourse?


I don’t know about you, but I am glad the mid-term election is over.

three women seated on large sofa in a home

Your conversations tell others your values as well as your knowledge.

The misinformation, truth-shading and omission of facts that would otherwise provide clear understanding was exhausting, dehumanizing and demoralizing. Continue reading

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